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Visit Midas Safety at A+A and join us at our stand: Hall 12 | D26

Discover the latest innovations from Midas Safety at A+A in 2023. Join us at our stand in Hall 12 | D26 to explore the exciting advancements we have in store.

Experience eco-friendly options crafted from recycled materials, biodegradable gloves, and our cutting-edge W74 Tungsten, 21-gauge and 18-gauge cut-resistant glove technology. 

We are passionate about sustainability!
We are deeply committed to sustainability and strive to make a positive impact on the environment. Explore how we incorporate eco-friendly practices into our manufacturing processes.

Visit us at A+A and explore the future of safety solutions and workwear. We are excited to connect with you and discuss how our products can improve your safety measures. Make sure not to miss this amazing opportunity!

Waves Lite Banner
Introducing the latest innovation in hand protection. With the utilization of Waves technology, this new addition to the Waves range guarantees unmatched comfort, durability, and flexibility, providing the wearer with exceptional grip performance that surpasses industry standards. To learn more, simply click on the image.

The W74 Tungsten range provides a selection of 21-gauge to 18-gauge, incredibly lightweight cut resistant gloves with either a PFT or PU coating. To learn more, simply click on the image.

Midas Green presents a collection of gloves that provide environmentally conscious hand protection solutions, crafted from recycled plastic bottles sourced from the ocean. To learn more, simply click on the image.
Our innovative Metal Detectable Nitrile glove effortlessly catches the attention of metal detectors frequently employed in the food industry. Moreover, it offers exceptional hand protection against liquids, while showcasing a textured finger surface for enhanced grip. To learn more, simply click on the image.
Discover how the Accelerator-free Nitrile Disposable Glove effectively prevents both Type 1 and Type IV contact dermatitis. To learn more, simply click on the image.
ESD+Cut Banner
The revolutionary ESD+Cut glove provides comprehensive protection against two risk factors in a single solution. To learn more, simply click on the image.

Midas Safety Hand Protection Catalogues

Midas Safety Workwear

Introducing our innovative workwear portfolio at A+A, the world's leading safety tradeshow. Our range features a diverse selection of yarns, fabrics, and protective garments, designed to cater to the unique demands of workers across the globe. With a variety of features including high visibility, flame retardant, arc flash protection, weather protection, cut resistance, and other design-related features, our workwear ensures the utmost safety and comfort for workers in various industries.

Whether you need garments that provide visibility in low-light conditions, protection against fire and electrical hazards, or resistance against cuts and abrasions, our workwear portfolio has you covered. Visit our booth at A+A to explore our comprehensive range of workwear solutions and experience the quality and innovation that sets us apart.

MISYT - Midas Safety Yarn Technology Logo

Midas Safety Yarns and Fabrics

Introducing our range of technical yarns protective fabrics  is proud to offer fabrics that outperform all others in the market, providing unmatched performance and comfort. Our composite and engineered yarns allow our fabrics to achieve the highest levels of cut resistance while still ensuring comfort.

With our advanced technology, we can turn dreams of absolute quality into reality. We believe in working closely with our clients as invaluable business partners, catering to their needs with the latest technology and groundbreaking innovation. Join us at A+A to learn more about our technical yarns and fabrics.

Making Safety Sustainable at Midas Safety

At Midas Safety, we are deeply committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting a sustainable approach to safety. We believe that protecting our planet is just as important as protecting our workforce. Through innovative practices and responsible business operations, we strive to minimize waste, conserve resources, and reduce our carbon footprint. Our dedication to sustainability extends to every aspect of our business, from product design to manufacturing processes. With Midas Safety, you can trust that your safety needs are met with a company that values the well-being of both our people and the planet.

Making Safety Sustainable

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